10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

Since the launch of the Xbox 360, so many years ago back in 2005, achievement hunters have become somewhat of a dying breed.

Now, don’t let the vocal minority of us who claim that getting every ending in Sekiro was worth it, or that quickly rushing through Resident Evil 2 last month to get to the gun shop and reclaim our completion wasn’t a complete waste of time.

No, achievement hunters are a prideful people and in this article we’ll be discussing the ten achievements which cost us our completion, our platinum trophy, our 100%.

Bear in mind, though, we’re not looking for the hardest, most intense, ridiculous achievements out there.

You won’t see Ghost Recon, you won’t be seeing Guitar Hero or Cloudberry Kingdom and you also won’t be seeing any Soulsborne games.

Why? Because, although these games are difficulty overall or through a specific achievement, we’re here to showcase games that seem doable, until you come across that one achievement thatruins everything.

10. Tomb Raider (2013) - True Commitment

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

Speaking of ruining everything, we’ll start with a horrendous grind that had no reason to be in amongst an otherwise chill game. Tomb Raider wasn’t hard, it wasn’t annoying, the collectibles weren't the biggest pain and overall, it was a nice reboot to the series that has sparked a beautiful trilogy, each game building off the last.

Though, if you ever went for this achievement, you'll likely only remember two things about the first instalment of the reboot: Lara almost constantly dying, and carrying medical supplies online.

Yet, there’s one achievement in Tomb Raider that will stop most people in their tracks after they see just how slow multiplayer levelling can be. True Commitment requires players to reach level 60, fair simple, really.

However, now factor in the issue of this being a Tomb Raider game, meaning, the online aspect of the game was dead in the water, let alone half a decade later.

It’s an unwarranted slog in an unnecessary mode, and if you want your final achievement, you better get ready to grind private multiplayer lobbies... by yourself.

9. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Mile High Club

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

Most longstanding gamers, be them achievement hunters or fans of first-person shooters, will tell you two things:

Firstly, what an incredible game the original Modern Warfare was, being pitted against World at War for Call of Duty supremacy, and two, what a challenge Mile High Club was.

Not only do you need to finish the entire campaign on veteran for your completion – I hope no one has PTSD from the amount of grenades thrown at them - you’ll then have to nimbly navigate your way through a private plane full of terrorists.

Doesn’t sound that hard? Well, the thing is crawling with enemies, it’s almost impossible to run this level without practice, determination and an understanding of proper routing through the plane.

Oh, and good luck with that final headshot.

8. Max Payne 3 - The Shadows Rushed Me

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

If you played Max Payne 3 you’ll know how satisfying the game is as a whole; bullet-time, slow-motion, gorgeous environments, diving through the air like a god damned action hero, only stopping for painkillers and whiskey along the way.

The game in itself is a near-masterpiece, slightly short, but an incredible modern day entry into the series. Though, perhaps length isn't too much of an issue in light of our next achievement.

Completing the game in a New York Minute requires you to finish the story in one minute. Okay, not exactly, the timer can be lengthened with headshots and quick kills. However, that isn’t even the achievement.

The Shadows Rushed Me requires you to finish the game in a New York Minute, and then do it again on hardcore.

So, to finish the game with a base timer of 60 seconds, you’ll need to be chaining kills, hitting heads and b-hopping like a madman. This has to be done in one sitting and by the way, if you’re dead, you’re dead, you'll be restarting the clock at the very first mission.

7. The Stanley Parable - Go Outside

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%
Galactic Cafe

The next one isn’t hard, not difficult at all. Well, as long as you don’t take the title literally.

Stanley Parable is a game about narrative, choice, even. Overall, there isn't really too much to do but the game's strength is working as an interactive, rather meta, story. It's written beautifully, charming and one of the funnier games out there.

The achievement, Go Outside, requires you to not play The Stanley Parable for five years. An interesting task, and one that’s gained a certain infamy in the modern day of gaming where unique achievements have almost died off. It’s simple enough, play the game, have fun, get every achievement and then uninstall it, forget about it, even.

As of now, it’s been almost nine years since the game’s release so most of us have the achievement legit. However, there are a few scoundrels out there who, if you look close enough, you'll find much preferred to fiddle with their system’s calendar and cheat for this achievement. Shame on you.

6. DOOM (2016) - Computing With Style/Beauty Is Pain

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%
Bethesda Softworks

In the same vein as Tomb Raider’s True Commitment, we come to another multiplayer-type achievement we all hate to see. Fair enough, this is Doom we’re talking about, so the online modes were actually pretty stellar, but it would have also been pretty stellar to keep the achievements strictly single-player.

The game is dense, tightly-packed and oozing with a polish we don’t see very often. The achievements themselves? Fun, some cute collectibles, a little bit of weapon multi-tasking and a difficulty glitch or two.

So why, oh why, did they decide to tie 2 equally dismal achievements to multiplayer, requiring you to gain and wear specific pieces of armour?

It’s rhetorical, there is no answer.

As aforementioned, the multiplayer wasn’t the problem, it was the time sink these armour pieces required. In fact, some achievement hunters crunched the numbers and the results are not good, upwards of 12 hours and that’s if you’re boosting… on double exp.

Ultimately, it comes down to the fact these armour pieces are tied to prestige levels, anywhere above prestige 5, then you’ll also need to complete a few crazy challenges, such as a 15 kill-streak. Oh, and there are two of those pieces of armour.

5. Limbo - No Point In Dying

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

Limbo is a short, nuanced and atmospheric game which follows the journey of a young boy trying to reunite with his sister. It’s a platformer that isn’t afraid to get dark and gruesome; you’ll see the little guy getting impaled, electrocuted, crushed and spun into a spider-web.

But hey, that’s all part of the fun, trial and error, reloading, retrying and succeeding in that jump over a pit of spikes. Which is good because you are going to need all the practice you can get. This achievement requires you to complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths.

It's in my personal list of completion-stoppers, and I can say with utter sadness that it is a pain and a heartbreaker.

The length can easily be rounded to an hour, a decent chunk of time which makes a calm little game extremely tense. However, you’re not going to wing it and bash this out on your first try, it’s not going to happen; there is simply way too much content packed into Limbo to remember every detail and entity that wants to kill you.

My suggestion? Buckle in, find a guide, and study.

4. Hollow Knight - Pure Completion

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%
Team Cherry

Pure Completion is about as far as I could push an achievement in regard to the title of this article, because Hollow Knight is hard, there is no question about that. Some of the achievements require you to finish the game without dying, or even without dying under par time. This in itself is a feat to accomplish but I feel, if you’re dedicated and have fun with such a stunning game, you could get it done.

What got me, personally, though, removing all hope for getting every achievement, was Pure Completion. My roadmap would have included getting every per cent of the game’s completion and moving on towards the deathless runs. If you look at those rationally, with some good routing and a bit of luck, they’re doable.

Before then, however, there’s 4% you’ll need to tackle through the likes of pantheons, which are boss rushes. These pantheons stopped so many players from progressing their achievement list because of their sheer size, difficulty and skill required. There are a total of 5 pantheons, luckily only 4 progress the percentage.

Each of these 4 contain 10 bosses, offer no checkpoints and the last of which ends on, in my opinion, the hardest boss in the game.

3. BioShock Infinite - Scavenger Hunt

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

In line with that of Mile High Club, we have BioShock Infinite’s Scavenger Hunt, which requires you to do two things:

Beat the game in 1999 Mode, the game's extra-special difficulty setting and do that without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine.

Now, there are three or so different varieties of vending machine in the game but Dollar Bill is easily the most pivotal, meaning your supplies will be more dire than usual, even with Elizabeth chucking random items at you from across the room. This one is brutal and will easily be anyone’s most difficult achievement as they play through Infinite.

Honestly, the game is challenging enough on the difficulty beneath 1999, but now factor in even less ammo, less respawn points that cost more money, less money overall, more accurate enemies AND more damage.

Scavenger Hunt is one for your achievement showcase and I applaud anyone who has killed Lady Comstock’s ghost at this difficulty, particularly because ammo is bare enough as it is.

2. The Master Chief Collection - LASO Master

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%
343 Industries & Bungie

Sound the LASO alarm because this is one of the most gruelling achievements to ever exist.

What makes it worse is the fact it’s basically a set of achievements.

So, LASO means "Legendary, all skulls on", with Skulls being in-game modifiers that ramp up the game, and the game already beong on legendary difficulty.

You’ll be seeing more grenades, higher ranked enemies, better armour, much less ammo, no HUD, which means no reticle and most horrifically, no respawn. That’s right, when solo, if you’re dead, you’re dead. So it’s best to get some friends for this one, friends with thick skin and a lot of time.

For LASO Master you’ll be playing every campaign The Master Chief Collection has to offer, meaning Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, ODST and Reach, all on legendary, with every skull on. It’s hard to state just how awful this really is, but if you take Call of Duty’s Veteran, Uncharted’s Crushing, BioShock’s 1999 mode, put them in a blender, set it on fire and then eat it, that would about sum up the difficulty underneath LASO.

1. Dead Rising - 7 Day Survivor

10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

One of, if not the most infamous achievements to ever exist and arguably, one of the most difficult due to the sheer amount of consecutive hours you’ll need; not only to run Dead Rising, but also be actively playing and feeding Frank West.

All in all, this isn't going to be too difficult because you'll be level 50, have plenty of upgrades, know which weapons and items synergise well and you'll have read up on a guide. It's the time that puts this one on the list.

In total, we’re looking at about 14 hours, non-stop, in which you’ll be required to set-up your run, kill, collect food and survive for 7 in-game days. Luckily, for a good chunk of the achievement you’ll simply be checking back every 20 minutes and eating some food to refill Frank’s health, which decreases naturally in Infinity Mode.

This is no issue from a technical standpoint on PC, but on Xbox 360 – which, fun fact, originally, you couldn’t read any text in Dead Rising if you played in standard definition – you’d have been hard-pressed to find a machine that still wants to run after 14 straight hours.

Hell, most humans don’t want to run after that amount of time.