8 Celebrities Who Admit to Changing Their Child's Name

8 Celebrities Who Admit to Changing Their Child's Name

Ever since actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her then husband, Coldplay's Chris Martin, legally named their now 16-year-old first child "Apple," American celebrities have been known for choosing unconventional and sometimes downright strange names for their babies. A lot of people want their children to have less common names (we get it, we really do), but sometimes, celebs totally miss the mark and just take it way too far with their baby names. We can't help but assume those kids won't be too happy with their famous parents once they are old enough to realize that they have to live with a bizarre name their entire life.

Some weird celebrity baby names are cute enough that it doesn't really matter, but others are totally messed up. Everyone wants their baby to have a name that has personal meaning -- and sounds nice or even interesting -- but sometimes, it's best to stick with something that still resembles an actual name and save the quirky stuff for nicknames. In the end, though, we suppose if the child has no issues with their name as they get older, there's no harm done.

Perhaps they'll even end up going by a more normal name in the end.

Still, a handful of celebrities have, in fact, rethought their baby name choices after making it official and ended up legally changing their children's names. It has to be bad when the only solution is a name change weeks -- or months -- after a baby is born.

Here's a look at some celebrities who have admitted to changing their child's name, along with some honorable mentions of celebrity baby names people might consider weird.