Dad Tells Adult Son & DIL They Can't Have Another While Living Under His Roof

Dad Tells Adult Son & DIL They Can't Have Another While Living Under His Roof

Right now, families everywhere are feeling the squeeze of stay at home orders. For some, that's because having the kids home 24/7 can sure make any living space feel small. But for others, who have since moved in with relatives or had already been in tight quarters, the stress of it all is certainly taking its toll. That seems to be the case for one man on Reddit, who opened his doors to his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild two years ago when they fell on hard times. But now that the young family announced plans to add one more kid to their brood, Grandpa is putting his foot down.

  • By the sound of the post, it's not that the man doesn't empathize with his son -- but he's starting to feel taken advantage of.

    "My eldest son and his wife got married a few years ago," the man explained in his anonymous post. "Initially, they moved out of state after their wedding for my son’s work. Then things went downhill. My DIL got pregnant and quit her job to be a SAHM. Shortly after the baby was born, however, my son lost his job as well."

    The young couple's savings drained quickly, the dad said, and before long, the cost of living in their state proved too much to handle. So, the dad decided to lend them a helping hand.

    "My wife and I said they could live with us while they got back on their feet, on the condition that both got jobs," he wrote.

  • But that was two years ago, and times have changed.

    The couple still lives in the home, and have since gotten jobs. But while they cover all their own expenses, they don't pay rent. It's unclear whether or not this little tidbit irks the grandpa or not, but what is clear is how he feels about a recent development ...

  • Recently, the couple announced that they're planning to have a second child -- which apparently took the grandpa by surprise.

    It's not that he's not looking forward to having another grandchild, but he and his wife feel strongly that it's time for the growing family to find a place of their own.

    And so, they told them that.

    "My wife and I said if they wanted a second child, they had to move out," the Reddit user shared. "We love our grandchild, but we don’t want another baby in the house. And to me, if they can afford another child, they can afford to move out."

  • But that didn't sit well with the son and his wife, who were kind of insulted by the whole thing.

    "They said we can’t tell them whether or not they can have another baby," the man shared. "I said if they’re living in our house, I absolutely can."

  • As you might imagine, things have gotten a bit tense.

    But the dad insists he has more than a few reasons behind (politely) kicking them out.

    For starters, they aren't the only other family members who have moved back home. (Yes, really!)

    "My other son is a single parent as well and has a child (4) who lives here full time," the dad wrote. "He has no plans of having more kids and is close to moving out (would’ve sooner but with the shutdowns it messes up his search)."

  • The bottom line? "We can’t have another kid around here," the grandpa declared.

    Still, he wonders ... is he being a bit too harsh?

    Definitely not, say the people of Reddit.

  • A lot of people felt that his reasoning was pretty on the nose -- and that his son and daughter-in-law were the ones in the wrong.

    "If they can afford another child they can afford to move out and pay rent and be actual adults," one commenter wrote. "I really can’t believe the audacity of considering bringing another life into this world when you aren’t completely supporting yourself to begin with."

    "Also, having a child is about providing proper space for them," another person added, noting that it was "irresponsible" to bring them into a home that's already bursting at the seams.

  • Others went so far as to say that the couple was being straight-up rude.

    "I'm with you," one person told the dad. "This has gone from needing help to taking advantage."

    "It seems like they might be counting on you for free childcare in addition to free rent -- that's too much to ask," another wrote. "And honestly, second baby or not, two years is more than enough time to get back on their feet and get their own place."

    (To be fair, the dad responded that neither he nor his wife supply childcare, since both of them work.)

  • In the end, most people agreed that the dad needed to lay down the law and be clear that this isn't about not wanting another grandchild.

    It's about what the grandparents are willing to live with and accept in their own lives.

    "It sounds like you’ve set some very reasonable boundaries," one person said. "Just be firm in them, and if she does end up pregnant while living there remember to go the safest route and evict them legally -- for the amount of time they’ve been living with you, tenant’s rights/laws very likely apply to them."