Pregnant Mom Reams Woman For Not Letting Her Cut In Grocery Store Line

Pregnant Mom Reams Woman For Not Letting Her Cut In Grocery Store Line

Right now, common errands like grocery runs or medication pick ups are an ordeal. From the stress of germ spread to the general disorganized panic, you really have to hype yourself up to venture out into the world. Th only thing that can make it worse? Other people.

And one woman's day certainly got a whole lot wore when a pregnant woman lost it on her for... well, really no reason at all.

  • She began her story explaining her girlfriend woke up really sick. Unfortunately they were out of medicine and groceries to boot, so she made a run.

    "I picked up the medicine and went into the grocery store, trying to get to the checkout as fast as possible," she noted. "I was really lucky that there was no line and was already unloading my cart when a pregnant women asked me if I could let her in front of me."

  • Normally, the woman would have happily obliged, but her cart was overflowing and she needed to catch the next bus.

    "Maggie [the sick girlfriend] has a car but I don’t drive it because of insurance issues," she explained, "I really didn’t want to wait for the next bus because I didn’t want to leave Maggie alone for too long and I really didn’t have that many items. I wouldn’t have gone grocery shopping in the first place but the pharmacy is right next to the store and we really needed a few things."

  • So the woman explained to the pregnant mom the situation in hopes of making her understand he refusal... and it didn't go well at all.

    "The lady started screaming that I shouldn’t treat her like that and that young people nowadays don’t know how to behave. She yelled that she needed to sit down and that I would take to long packing up my things. I ignored her, paid and left. In the moment I felt like I was right, but now I‘m overthinking it. My girlfriend is touched that I was so worried about her and the lady was just plain rude. But what if she was really feeling unwell?"

    So now she wants to know if she was totally off base refusing to let her get in front.

  • Pregnant and formerly pregnant women flooded the thread assuring the woman did nothing wrong.

    "I had a super rough pregnancy, vomiting throughout, physical exhaustion, actually lost weight because I couldn't keep food down," wrote one reader. "And I only pulled the pregnancy card once. When the seat in my car was jammed so I couldn't get the carseat in and they wanted me to leave it at the shop for a few days to sort out. And at my most extreme I just pulled out big sad cow eyes and lots of helplessness and pleas, just that once. It worked and I don't regret it, but I never ever would have even thought about yelling at anyone. The only excuse for yelling a lot when you're pregnant is when you are giving birth. Then you get a pretty big pass."

  • The only real criticism anyone had for the woman was that she was giving this a second thought at all.

    "If I were in your shoes I would have straight up told her to stop acting like the child she's expecting to raise and start acting like the adult she claims to be," one commenter snapped.

    "Some pregnant ladies act like they're making a miracle and they are entitled to be treated like a queen," wrote another. "You had an emergency. I feel sorry for her kid."

    Moral of the story? Being pregnant doesn't excuse you from morality all together.